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PG Retreat is a community of families with profoundly gifted children and teens. 

PG Retreat helps to form connections and friendships, and to share resources and experience.  PGR organizes the annual Retreat, informal local gatherings around the country, listservs, and web forums to support its members.

PGR brings our children and teenagers together for shared connections and community.  Although every child is unique and beautiful in his or her own way, profoundly gifted children often have a difficult time finding true peers within their day-to-day communities. 

Join now, and be part of a Retreat this summer!

Our gatherings provide an opportunity to meet, learn, socialize, and yes, just hang out with other kids and teens who are developmentally advanced.  In fact, many attendees fondly refer to the Retreat as their "annual family reunion."   

Regional events planned so far this year include camping in Colorado in September, camping in Pennsylvania with a side trip to Hershey Park in September, Thanksgiving in San Jose, Teen gatherings in December, a Tween Girls' Gathering in February, and Women's Weekends in Florida and Washington in February, and Texas in April.

Our Mission
PG Retreat is an organization directed by and for its members, cultivating lifelong communities of support and enriching the lives of profoundly gifted children and their families.

Our families and the professionals who serve them engage with one another, providing learning opportunities and fostering lasting friendships among true peers.

The community connects during our summer retreats, through a number of informal local gatherings, and through a rich and dynamic online community year-round.

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Two Summer Retreats 2014!

Glen Eyrie
Colorado Springs, Colorado
July 2nd - 6th, 2014
(This Retreat is Full)

Baltimore, Maryland
July 16th - 20th, 2014
(This Retreat Has Openings!)

(More details? Please see Calendar left menu.)

How to Join

PGR accepts member applications at any time.  We offer a private, no-cost, professional review process designed to ensure a good fit between your family and PGR.

We do not require specific criteria for acceptance, but we do request that you complete a profile that allows you to describe your child(ren)'s characteristics.  

Look through the
testimonials; these will give you a sense for our community.

If you have general questions about PGR, please reach out to: contact@pgretreat.com.

You can apply for membership here.  

PGR families support one another all year; so regardless of your ability to participate in the Retreat this year, please do consider joining the community.

We are entirely supported by volunteers.  How would you like to help?
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